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Dear Fellow Acupuncturists,
If you are currently members, congratulations!
This is a reminder of why you joined. If you are not a current member, why wait?

The benefits of VTAA membership:
-Low Cost: $100 Annually
-Web Site Listing: We have a new website which
includes a fresh, new look, and many exciting updates.
-Discounts on CEU events including some other reciprocal state associations.
-Free Grandround CEUs: Grandrounds are excellent opportunities to meet your local colleagues, and learn what other local clinicians in the community are doing. It's not only practical , it's fun!
-Free Lunch at the Annual General Meeting always held in a lovely spot.
-15% Discount for your first order as a VTAA member to Mayway Herbs
-5% Discount at Lhasa-OMS
-5% Discount for all orders placed with Redwing Books
-Meet fellow practitioners: We are a wonderful and diverse group that shares a common passion.
- Yahoo email discussion group: An excellent forum for all sorts of clinical & non-clinical discussion and sharing. If you are a member and have not joined the group, contact Diana Vachon at to sign up.

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