Vermont Acupuncture Association 

About VTAA

Our Mission

To provide focus, consensus, advocacy, and resources to the various practitioners and proponents of Oriental Medicine throughout the state of Vermont, and thereby help to facilitate communication between their respective practices and those of the greater Oriental Medicine community around the world.

Current VTAA Officers and Board Members

Carol Price, L.Ac   President
Dalite Sancic, L.Ac   Vice President
Diana Vachon, L.Ac   Secretary
Dianne Barclay, L.Ac   Treasurer
Josh Singer, L.Ac   Board Member
Molly Beverage, L.Ac   Board Member

We're working to:

Promote greater access to Oriental medicine through education and advocacy work targeted to consumers, employers, insurance companies, and political and governmental institutions.

Improve the quality of Oriental Medical care by educating consumers and professionals of the best clinical practices.

Protect patients' access to all forms of Oriental Medicine, and their right to receive it from a properly trained professional.

Remember, our advocacy can go only as far as our resources. We don't have any large corporations, drug companies, or insurance companies funding our efforts. We have only the individual contributions of supporters who know firsthand what Oriental Medicine can do. I would urge you to join us by becoming a member of the VTAA .

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